March 12, 1972

The  year 1972 started with the exciting news that the Bee Gees were coming to Japan.

The tickets for best seats cost 2,700 yen (approx. 30 U.S. dollars) each. Not bad at all. If you remember, the LPs (Remember what they looked like?) cost 2,000 yen a copy in those days.

This pinkish postcard gave you an entry to a “DJ Show Commmemorating the Bee Gees First Japan Tour,” which took place in an amusement park in Tokyo on March 12, 1972. Were you there? The amusement park is now long gone.

Ten days later, the Bee Gees landed in Japan for the very first time.  Barry was 25, and the twins Robin and Maurice were 22 respectively.

{Bee Gees Days}

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