Robin Gibb singing “Islands In the Stream” during the first public performance following the surgery

As reported earlier, a charity fashion event, Splash of Pink was held at Robin’s Oxfordshire home on September 25, 2010, where Robin did a short set.  A video of Robin performing "Islands In the Stream" on that occasion is now available on YouTube.  It’s so good to see him looking happy and fine! (We know we are getting repetitive.  But, what else can we say?)

He is seen with a piece of paper in hand here.  Did he by any chance forget the lyrics (again)?  Anyway, as long as he is fine, he can forget the lyrics to the songs, go flat while he sings, or stumble upon a microphone stand as much and as often as he likes, and nobody cares! 

Please check out the Against Breast Cancer (ABC) website, for photos  from the day.  Robin looks good with a pink tie.  ABC is reportedly planning to sell photos from the event.

This has turned out to be the biggest event in the 17-year history of ABC, and the proceeds from the day which exceed 60,000 pounds (approx. 8 million yen) will be used for the research of vaccine for breast cancer.

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