RJ Gibb in “We Are In This Together” charity online concert

On May 3, 2020, at 18:00 BST, RJ Gibb took part in an online fundraising concert for the healthcare systems in the U.K. and Serbia with donations being split 50/50, 50% of proceeds going to the NHS and 50% going to Lifeline in Serbia.

The entire concert can be viewed at the YouTube link above.  RJ comes on at about 31:46 to sing six songs including ‘I Started A Joke,’ ‘To Love Somebody’ and ‘Juliet,’; and at around 1:18:32 to do a brief interview; and at around 1:27: 30 RJ does a duet of ‘How Deep Is Your Love’ with a popular Serbian singer Bovan Rajovic.

RJ was invited to sing for Serbian children in need before at a hotel in London for the same charity.  Serbia is still suffering after the Yugoslavian Wars, especially the children suffered as they all do in all wars.  This time he sang from his home studio at Prebendal.

To donate, please go to this link.

RJ is planning to release his version of ‘Juliet’ as a single soon and also to tour.  Also, he decided to trim down before he started performing again and is looking fine.

(Thanks: Dwina Gibb)

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