Bee Gees Mailing List Japan 2013 annual meeting this weekend

Bee Gees (1978)

Bee Gees (1978)

The annual meeting of the Bee Gees Mailing List Japan (BGML – link only in Japanese)will take place in Hakata this weekend April 20. 

Some of the highlights will include the screening of special video messages Barry and Robin sent for Japan.  The video messages were originally sent for a 2011 fundraiser for the victims of the Great Northeastern Japan Earthquake/Tsunami.  Also, a special autographed photo of Barry with a personal handwritten message for Japan will be auctioned off for charity purposes during this weekend’s get-together.

The meeting will also include Bee Gees Trivia Questions, auctions of Bee Gees’ memorabilia, and reports about Barry’s Mythology Tour.  Also, there will be a special live performance by the One For All Band especially formed by fans for this occasion (and hopefully for many more in the future!).  The last we’ve heard from them is that they  will have an amazing set list this year!

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