[March 1972] The Bee Gees played at Budokan, Tokyo

On March 24, 1972, the Bee Gees played their one and only concert in the famous Budokan arena. This is a photo of the entrance to the Budokan sent to us by a fan. Thank you for sharing this precious photo with us.

We must have stood in line somewhere near here. Seeing this crowd and the long line reminds me of the excitement I felt back then.

I think we were in the fifth row of the arena seats, and I remember thinking that it was much further away from the stage than the Shibuya Kokaido the night before (March 23, 1972, the first concert of their first Japan tour in 1972). The Shibuya venue was much smaller, so we were surprisingly close to the stage.

It was a cold night, and the cherry blossoms in Kitanomaru Park surrounding the Budokan were just beginning to open.

Looking back, it was 52 years ago today that the Bee Gees left Japan after four successful concerts in Tokyo and Osaka. (Note: The original Japanese text was published on March 28, 2024.)

{Bee Gees Days}

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