【On this day 43 years ago】Bee Gees in Yokohama, Japan

Bee Gees in Yokohama – October 30, 1974

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43 years ago today, October 30, 1974, the Bee Gees played at Yokohama Bunka Taiikukan.

Their schedule for that year’s Japanese tour was extremely tight.  For example, on the previous day, October 29, 1974, they took a mid-day bullet train to Shizuoka, played there at Sunpu Kaikan Hall, and came back to Tokyo very late at night.

Yokohama Bunka Taiikukan, a huge gymnastic hall often used for athletic or cultural events, was not exactly an ideal venue for concerts, and the acoustics did suffer.  The seats temporarily placed on the huge floor were all on the same level, and as soon as the concert started, almost everyone was on their feet because that was the only way that they could catch a glimpse of the stage where the three brothers sang and played. 

Yokohama is a beautiful historic port city, not very far from Tokyo.  The Bee Gees did not appear at all tired or blase despite the tight schedule on the road, exciting the packed audience, quite a few members of which had traveled from Tokyo and adjoining areas in the cold late-October drizzle to attend the one and only appearance of the Bee Gees in Yokohama that year.

The Bee Gees played twice more in Yokohama, but that was 16 years later during the One For All Tour:  November 28 and 29, 1989 at Yokohama Arena, which in 1974 did not yet exist.  Nobody knew it at that time, but those two-night shows in 1989 were to be the very last time this talented trio of brothers ever played in Yokohama together. 

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