43 years ago today: The Bee Gees at Tokyo press conference

Bee Gees at the press conference held at then Tokyo Hilton Hotel (March 22, 1972)
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43 years ago (yes, it’s almost half a century…) today, the Bee Gees were about to kick off their first ever Japanese tour.  

March 22 1972, the day before teir first Japanese stage at Shibuya, saw them giving a press conference at then Tokyo Hilton.  (The hotel later changed hands and became Capitol Tokyu.  Robin Gibb stayed there for his last concert in Tokyo in September 2005, and one of the first things he said upon arrival was: "The interior has not been changed at all!")

Various magazines and papers did features on this first ever Japanese tour by the Bee Gees.  Here’s a quick list: Weekly FM (two-page article with photos about their Shibuya gig), Music Life (3 pages in color, 7 pages in black and white with photos from their Shibuya gig, and an exclusive interview, etc.) , Stereo (3 pages in color with photos from their Shibuya and Budokan gigs, press conference, etc.), Ongaku Senka (3 pages in black and white with photos from Shibuya).  Reviews and short reports also appeared in different entertainment-oriented press.

Most fans may be familiar with the features that appeared in music magazines.  So for our top photo for this article, a black and white pic which appeared in an entertainment magazine was chosen.

Featured at the back of this full-page picture is Paul Anka who was visiting Japan at around the same time.  Anka, age 30, was referred to as an "old star."  Back then the pop and rock culture was still very young and so were its major players. (Paul McCartney was not yet 30!)

Newspaper ad for ticet sale in Tokyo (January 1972)

Going through literally old clippings from this period, we found a newspaper advertisement for tickets.  Ticket prices range from 1, 000 (approx. $8) to 2,700 (approx. $25).  So you could get front-row seats for $25 each in those days. Not bad!

For flyers, posters and tour booklet, etc., please check out this blog (March 8, 2007) (Unfortunately, the text is in Japanese only).


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