{March 25-6, 1972} 44 years ago today, the Bee Gees played at Osaka Festival Hall

Newspaper column (local Osaka edition) 
about the way Robin sang



44 years ago today (25th) and tomorrow (26th), the Bee Gees played at Osaka Festival Hall.
Although this very first Japanese tour of the Bee Gees garnered quite a bit of press coverage, all or almost all of the photos featured in magazines and record sleeves were from the two Tokyo concerts or their Tokyo press conference.  So this  newspaper clipping from local Osaka edition was a rare find.

Judging from Robin’s shirt, the photo is clearly from an Osaka gig.  The article refers to the Bee Gees as "an American group," a mistake not entirely unusual in the Japanese press back then. 
The article was about the way Robin sang with his hand over his ear, as it reminded the Japanese audience of one popular Japanese singer/actor Koji Tsuruta, who was known for taciturn, heroic roles he played in films and was also known for singing in a similar manner.

{BGD – March 25, 2016}


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