Happy Father’s Day for Barry Gibb and Stephen Gibb’s Addiction Walks and Talks

From a 1981 newspaper

Barry Gibb with family including little Stephen (from 1981)

In celebration of Father’s Day, the official @BeeGees account posted this special little video of Barry and Stephen Gibb.  These two guys are very obviously fully grown now, but there is something so cuddly about them!   It does remind us of Barry’s answer to Piers Morgan when the latter asked him what he thought was the biggest achievement he had made.  Barry answered, “My family!”

Stephen Gibb, one of the respected musicians of the second generation,  recently played alongside Barry in the online charity gig for COVID-19.  His latest endeavors are Addiction Walks utilizing social media and Addiction Talks on Podcast.  These are about the struggle against substance addiction and  recovery.   As one who has been through it himself, Stephen says this is something he has been dreaming of doing: reaching out, sharing, and helping those who are suffering and in need now.

You can also check out the Episode #1  (June 9, 2020, featuring Kyle Sarrecchia and Episode #2 (June 17, 2020, featuring Kaity Doyle) on Spreaker.

(The photo at the top of this page is from a newspaper article from 1981 showing then little Stephen and his family:  From left to right, Barry, Stephen at 7, Ashley at 3, ever-beautiful Linda, and newly-born Travis Gibb.)

Wherever you are, whoever you are, you are not alone.  Be well.  Reach out.  Take care!      – Stephen Gibb (from Addiction Talks)

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