Barry Gibb is “holding Amy’s hand” to help her overcome the illness that claimed his brother’s life

Barry Gibb in Brisbane (Feb. 2013)

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Barry Gibb says he is "holding Amy’s hand" in support of campaign for an entertainment journalist who is fighting cancer.

Barry tweeted:

"I’m holding Amy’s hand are you?"

posting the link for donation:

and asking people to please donate.

The aforementioned website was launched by friends and family of the 37-year-old Amy Watts who was diagnosed with colon cancer last year, which has then spread to her liver.  The donation is needed to help her get life-saving treatment and for her move back to and stay in the U.K. where she could be treated.  Her friends in the industry including Simon Cowell and Piers Morgan are among the supporters.

Terms like "colon cancer," "gruel chemo sessions," and "spreading to liver" invariably remind us of Robin’s fight in late 2011 and  early 2012.  Robin did not need donation to get his treatment, but his own denial and refusal brought about the most unfortunate result.  Barry could be thinking of his own brother as he supports this campaign.

We wish all the best for Amy.

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