Barry Gibb preparing his new solo album?

Barry Gibb in Hollywood Bowl during Mythology Tour (June 4, 2014) reports on February 18, 2020 that Barry is preparing his new solo album following In The Now (2016). Since last year, talk has been ongoing about Barry working with the likes of Jason Isbell and Keith Urban, etc., fueling speculation that the long-awaited country album is finally in the works.

Please check the aforementioned for details. It basically states that Rolling Stone has reported that Barry is working with producer Dave Cobb who among others have worked with Lady Gaga, Brandi Carlile, and Jason Isbell, who posted online about the exciting experience of singing with Barry where Isbell reportedly provided the high harmony. also reports:

During a recent chat on CBS This Morning, Barry Gibb was asked if it was a difficult decision to carry on without his brothers and bandmates, the late-Robin and Maurice Gibb: “Yeah, it took me a decade to get there. I had to give up on issues in life that I’d had with my brothers. I’m leading a double life; I’m trying to be me — the individual, but I’m also. . . I also feel passionate that I have to be one of the Bee Gees no matter what happens.”

You can hear Barry voicing how he feels passionate about being one of the Bee Gees at

The Rolling Stone piece quoted in the above article is from (online version dated January 8, 2020): “70 Most Anticipated Albums of 2020.” It refers to Barry and his forthcoming album:

Album: TBA
Release Date: TBA
The Bee Gees great is recording with producer Dave Cobb in Nashville. Even Jason Isbell is involved — the songwriter posted a photo of himself with Gibb back in the summer, writing that he sang high harmony with the disco survivor in the studio. “It was a great honor, and also terrifying because in order to sing with Barry Gibb, you have to sing,” Isbell wrote. Consider us excited.

With Coronavirus rampant, times have been rough for us; but this is definitely a welcome piece of information! Please watch this space. Our hunch is that there will be an official announcement in the near future!

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