Bradley Cooper in line to play Barry Gibb in upcoming Bee Gees biopic?

According to NME ( online version dated February 16, 2020) etc. , Bradley Cooper is in line to play Barry Gibb in the upcoming Bee Gees biopic.

The Daily Mail have now reported that Cooper has been approached to play Bee Gees vocalist and guitarist Barry Gibb, and the A Star Is Born actor and director is currently “in informal discussions” about taking on the role.

The Daily Mail article states: “Bradley’s spokesperson clarified the actor was ‘not in negotiations at the moment.’

Personally, I think Mr. Cooper born in 1975 might be a little too old to play Barry from the late sixties when he first rose to international fame. Barry was in his early thirties when “Saturday Night Fever” came out. Anyway, whoever may play Barry, Robin, Maurice, and Andy, that’ll be tough choices. The images of their younger days are forever ingrained in the minds of fans who have followed them for over half a century. Some might even argue (and I would say I could be one of them) that nobody could possibly play them. Nobody could be as charismatic as Barry, or as uniquely interesting as Robin, or as friendly and fascinating as Maurice. Nobody could dance through the sunny side of the street like Andy did in his brief but brilliant career. It seems the best bet would be to get those who can act – I mean, really, really act.

{Bee Gees Days}

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