Barry Gibb’s new album “In The Now” will be released in November!

Barry Gibb’s new album "In The Now"
is coming out in November


Barry Gibb’s long-awaited new solo album has now been officially annouced!

While we are still reliving the exchitement of Glastonbury, the well-timed announcement was made by Columbia Records about the upcoming Barry Gibb solo album.  

Here’s a quick summary from


Legendary Grammy award winning singer/songwriter/producer Barry Gibb has signed with Columbia Records and will release his first album with the label titled, In The Now, in the fall of 2016. The surviving member of one of music’s most successful and revered bands, the Bee Gees, (formed with his brothers Robin and Maurice), has kept In The Now a family affair, writing all the songs with his sons Stephen and Ashley.

Produced by Barry and co-producer John Merchant, the album is only the second solo effort of Gibb’s career and his first album of all new material since the Bee Gees final studio album in 2001. In The Now is an impassioned solo effort that signals a welcome return of one of the most identifiable and versatile voices in the history of rock, pop, and R&B. The 12-track album was recorded in Miami with the same gathering of accomplished musicians Barry assembled for his acclaimed 2014 solo tour.

"This is a dream come true for me. It’s a new chapter in my life. I always hoped one day that The Bee Gees would be with Columbia or indeed Sony so, it’s a great joy for me to start again this way with such great people."

"I will never forget my brothers, they will always be a part of everything I do. Our dream came true."

Immediately after Glastonbury, went through a change and the photo at the top appeared. In the style of classic portraits from by-gone era, Barry is pictured here looking over his shoulder at what has been or what will be, from where he is: in the now.  Some say he looks pensive and sad, others say he looks determined and peaceful. 

I hear an echo of Robin’s "Sydney," or an answer to it, when Barry says, "This is a dream come true for me."  The song that closed Robin’s last solo album "50 St. Catherine’s Drive" was about the oath the three young brothers made: "Do it or die."  In a 2012 interview, Barry said that he had kept telling Robin, "We did it.   We have reached the end of the rainbow.  This is it.  The dream has come true."  They certainly did it.  And one of them is doing it again now.  And, according to him, his brothers will be a part of everything he does.  The thought makes me so very happy. 

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