“Love Actually” hit maker to write for a Bee Gees biopic?

The Bee Gees (1973)
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Tracking Board (Hollywood Insider Information) reported in an online article dated May 21, 2015 that  Richard Curtis, writer/director renowned for such films as "Love Actually" and "Four Weddings And A Funeral," has been selected to script the Bee Gees biopic, which will follow the lives of the brothers Gibb. This musical project is for DreamWorks and MGM.

According to the Tracking Board article,  

sources confirm that the pic will primarily focus on the strength of the brothers’ bond, which forged the determination for the band’s survival and continued success.

However, Barry Gibb’s management has not confirmed this information.  Although there certainly have been ongoing discussions with various parties over the last few years,
there is no deal in place at this time.

But this does sound like an exciting development, if at all true!

(Thanks: Dick Ashby)


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