Information on the Japanese release of “Saved By The Bell – Colllected Works of Robin Gibb 1968-1970”

From "Saved By the Bell-
Collected Works of Robin Gibb 1968-1970"


The preorder has started on for the Japanese release of  "Saved By the Bell – Collected Works of Robin Gibb 1968 – 1970" (Warner Japan, WPCR – 16652/54) at this link.

According to the current plan of Warner Japan, the compilation (global edition plus the exclusive Japanese booklet) will come out on August 5. 

At 3,456 yen (approximately 28 U.S. dollars at the current rate of exchange), we should say it is quite reasonably priced for a 3-CD set.  Work on the Japanese booklet has been ongoing.

Disc 2 featuring the long-lost "Sing Slowly Sisters" album merits special attention and mention.  For those of us who grew familiar with these songs from those much scratched versions that have been circulating among fans since the 1970s, they sound almost miraculously better.  

In this portrait of the artist as a young man, we can encounter Robin Gibb during one of the most prolific and ambitious periods of his life. 

A fan who has listened to this new set wrote to us that Robin sounds "almost divine" here.  And we feel it is no exaggeration.  Here’s a man who was undeniably gifted with a voice which his older brother Barry Gibb described as "unique and spectacular."  Robin Gibb is back.  He is here to stay.

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