[In The Now] Big newspaper ad in Japan

The Japanese edition of "In The Now" released on October 12.


Almost a week late from the worldwide release, the Japanese edition of "In The Now" came out on October 12, 2016. 

On the very day of the release, "In The Now" suddenly became "out of stock" on Amazon.jp, with a notice that it would "be shipped within a month or two." We had surprised fans inquiring after the situation.  Sony Music (Japan) assured us that they had already shipped additional copies at the request from Amazon, and it’s now back "In stock."  (Note: As I write this, it’s back to "out of stock" status again on Amazon.jp.)   So far the highest it got on Amazon. jp is #10 in the pop music category.  It has also entered the rock category now.  It seems the album is selling at a faster rate than expected by someone at Amazon.

Tomorrow October 15, there will be a 1/3-page on the front page of the evening edition of Asahi (Tokyo region, western region (Kyushu), and Hokkaido), and half of it, that is, a sixth of the front page, is for Barry’s "In The Now" with the other half of the ad going to David Bowie’s "Lazarus." Don’t forget to pick up your copy!  (But, as we said before, don’t buy up the newsstand!)

Also, there will be a review by Hirokazu Suzuki in the bi-monthly magazine The Pen (issue for November 1) , in which the music critic writes about how the new album is "a new, beautiful chapter for Barry Gibb."  The November issue of the Record Collectors magazine will also carry a black-and-white ad for "In The Now."  Both these magazines will come out tomorrow October 15.

(Thanks: Sony Music Japan´╝ë

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