Media reports on Robin Gibb’s hospitalization

Now that Robin has been discharged from hospital, let us briefly sum up the media coverage over the past few days since his hospitalization October 14th (see earlier report).  In People. com (Online version, October 16, 2011) Robin’s "manager and long-time friend" Michael Eaton was quoted as saying:

Obviously it is a worry. This is what did for his brother Maurice – but what is different is his condition was left for a long time and Robin’s has not been.

Our concern is that it keeps recurring but he is determined and we just hope things will be OK. Robin just wants to get back to work.

According to the article, Robin could break Cliff Richard’s five-decade record and become the first British artist to have No.1 hits spanning six decades if this year’s official Poppy Appeal song, the new version of "I’ve Gotta Get A Message To You" recorded with The Soldiers, goes to the top of the charts when it is released on Sunday, October 23. 

The British tabloid The Sun (online version dated October 15, 2011) did an extensive coverage about Robin’s hospitalization with a photo of an ambulance vehicle parked at his Oxfordshire home.  Reportedly, Robin’s eldest son Spencer Gibb has also flown in from the States to be by his bedside.

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