Television premiere of “Titanic Requiem” (BBC4)

The world premiere concert of Robin Gibb’s last work "Titanic Requiem" filmed in Westminster Central Hall (London) on April 10, 2012 will be premiered on BBC4 television from 19:30 (British time), January 4, 2012.  

This will probably be from the live stream provided through the internet at that time or its edited version.  It is also reported that hologram images of Robin Gibb singing "Don’t Cry Alone" may also be included. 

Robin had contracted pneumonia and had been in a coma since April 8 and RJ Gibb as the co-composer greeted the audience in his father’s stead.  Barry Gibb, who was visiting Robin at that time, did not attend the premiere because he was feeling "just too sad."

In order to promote the TV premiere of "Titanic Requiem,"  Dwina and RJ Gibb are going to appear on ITV This Morning (from 11:30 a.m. British time).  They also appeared on January 3 on "Steve Wright in the Afternoon" on BBC Radio 2 with Jim Dooley who had campaigned with Robin for the Bomber Command Memorial.  (Clip available here.)

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