What three songs Barry and Robin each chose for Japan?

As we all know, both Barry and Robin Gibb have been really supportive of our activities to restore Japan after the Great Northeastern Japan Earthquake.

The July relief/tribute concert by musicians/fans was a huge success and raised money for the cause.  As part of this series of relief/tribute events, named "The Sun Will Rise Again" project based on the phrase from Barry’s message that was sent to us in March immediately following the disaster, we are making plans for another concert at the moment.   We will let you know as soon as more details are available.

The greatest dream for us would be, of course, to have Barry and Robin sing for us in one of those relief concerts… And while dreaming on, we sent them one question: "What three songs would you choose if you were to perform at a Japan Earthquake/Tsunami Relief Concert?"  And here are their answers. They both sent their choices with love to their Japanese fans. 

Barry chose:


・To Love Somebody

・How Can You Mend A Broken Heart

Great choices!   All classic Barry.  And so appropriate, too.  "Words" is about the importance of communication and relating to one another, and "To Love Somebody" is an anthem about loving.  "How Can You Mend A Broken Heart" will be a heartbreakingly beautiful tribute to the sorrow and wish for restoration.   Thank you very much, Barry! 

Robin chose:

・I Started A Joke


・How Deep Is Your Love

Great choices again!   Classic Robin.  Probably the best loved Robin songs in Japan, too.  You can feel that he really chose those songs for Japan.  Thank you, Robin!

We sent the questions to Barry and Robin a while back.  While Barry immediately sent us his choices, it took Robin a while because he had not been well.  He sent us the choices almost as soon as he was out of the hospital.

While Barry and Robin were in New York for the induction of ABBA into the Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame last March, they were asked in an intreview which song they thought was their best.  Barry’s answer was "How Can You Mend A Broken Heart" and Robin’s was "How Deep Is Your Love."  So they both included their "best song" as the third song.

Thank you very much once again, Barry and Robin.  (And get well soon, Robin.)  We are waiting to see the two of you together in Japan, singing these songs.

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