Robin Gibb on Alan Titchmarsh and ITV News At 10

Scenes from "Alan Titchmarsh Show"& "ITV News At 10"

October 24, 2011, Robin Gibb appeared in public for the first time since he was hospitalized on October 13  by making it to ITV’s "Alan Titchmarsh Show" (The ITV "News At Ten" was filmed at his Oxfordshire home). The Sun (Online version dated October 24, 2011)  shows Robin arriving at the ITV Studio in London to promote the 2011 official Poppy Appeal song "I’ve Gotta Get A Message To You."  (See also Also more photos here.)

Earlier in the day, he had to cancel a meeting with Prime Minister David Cameron.  (See the Soldiers at 10 Downing Street on YouTube.

During "Alan Titchmarsh," Robin apologized to Prime Minister for having been unable to keep the appointment but avoided answering Alan’s question about his health issues.

Tuesday, October 26, Spencer Gibb told Daily Mirror about his father: "He’s keeping his spirits up. He’s determined to get well and I’ve told him to stay strong.”  The article also quoted Robin’s close friend and driver Derek as saying: “He’s holding his own. He’s determined not to let this beat him. He’s a fighter and refuses to let this get him down,” and his management: “Robin is deeply touched by the many kind messages from his fans and friends, and sends them all his love and thanks.”

Following his hospitalization, Robin had also to pull out of the shooting for BBC’s "Songs of Praise" on October 14, and The Soldiers pushed on with their performance (The Braintree & Witham Times).

Do look after yourself and get well soon, Robin!



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