Warm yuletide wishes from Prebendal in snow

Cozy fireside at Prebendal was a favorite spot of Robin Gibb
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Here are some photos which Dwina Gibb sent us this morning from snowy Prebendal

Dwina Gibb told us it’s already snowed in Oxfordshire where Prebendal is located.  When we received the photos of Prebendal in snow while Robin was still fine, his dogs Missie and Ollie were seen running around exuberantly.  Now the dogs have also left.  In an interview Robin was once described as "capable of building the warmest fire in the family."  Well, I guess he needed to be, being stick thin and suffering from hypothermia.  While he was doing a summer tour through Asia, he told me how he hated the strong air conditioning in some of the hot South Asian countries.  He even said: "When you are onstage, it is a little better because the lights keep you warm!"  and you could tell he wasn’t joking!

Dwina Gibb also sent us a picture of Prebendal in snow, shot on December 12.  There is a beautiful glow in the sky.


Prebendal in snow (December 2017)
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Hard to believe but it’s already mid-December.  News of snow is starting to arrive from the north.  Keep warm, everyone!

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