Happy Birthday, Robin and Maurice Gibb

Happy birthday, Robin & Maurice Gibb

Happy birthday, Robin & Maurice Gibb

Robin and Maurice Gibb would be 64 today.

The most touching and beautiful words "celebrating" their lives could only come from Barry " Big Brother" Gibb.

Barry Gibb on Robin (before performing "I Started A Joke" at London O2):

We all loved Robin, my brother.  And he had a unique spectacular voice.  It didn’t take any effort.  He just did it, and we all loved it.  He could ve very, very funny, but very very sad.  That was his nature.


Barry Gibb on Maurice (before performing "Immortality" at London O2)

Mo was a very extraordinary personality.  He was very extrovert where Robin and I were sort of introvert.  Maurice was always there.  He loved doing magic for hte children.  Maurice was a gadget man.  And he collected gadgets.  Whatever gadget came out, didn’t matter if he used it, Maurice had to have it.  

The photo on the right shows the twins at age 10.

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