Barry Gibb joins his own Talk Show on Saturday Night Live

Barry Gibb making a surprise cameo appearance on his own Talk Show

Just as rumours started through the grapevine when John Merchant alerted us with his tweet about "seriously looking forward to Saturday Night Live this weekend," the latest skit of the Barry Gibb Talk Show featuring Jimmy "Barry Effin’ Gibb" Fallon and Justin "Robin No… I Dunno Gibb" Timberlake during the latest SNL episode broadcast on December 21, 2013 included a surprise cameo appearance by Barry towards the end.  Fast forward the video to 5:20 and you’ll get Barry clad in white singing and dancing between Fallon and Timberlake.

Madonna was a guest on the Barry Gibb Talk Show.  And another superstar, namely Paul McCartney, made a surprise appearance and did a duet with Fallon during this SNL episode.  It seems Barry and McCartney did have a very close encounter on this occasion as the show’s closing suggests. According to the Roxborogh Report (December 22, 2013), what Barry has around his neck here is the greenstone that was given to him in New Zealand.  Barry was also seen wearing the same during the UK leg of the Mythology Tour, and a friend who had lived in New Zealand for several years pointed that out to me.

As reported earlier, Fallon is a great Bee Gees fan, and Barry and Robin showed their ability of laughing at themselves by making one of their last public appearances together on Fallon’s Talk Show (see here) .  At that time they were staying in New York following the Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony for ABBA where they performed the role of presenters.

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