Barry Gibb has NOT been booked to perform at Glastonbury this year

Barry Gibb in Concord, California in May 2014
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Barry Gibb’s management denied the article on The Sun (online version dated February 10, 2016) which stated that Barry will be on the Glastonbury line-up this year.  

The Sun quotes "a source" as saying that the organizer

wants a repeat of 2008 where he had NEIL DIAMOND and LEONARD COHEN booked as a double whammy. Neil was the official legend that year but Leonard blew punters away.

“Barry is a music legend and has so many songs that will lift the crowd.
“Playing the main stage with his disco tunes would be amazing.
“He has been asked previously a couple of years ago but Michael has made it his mission to get him to perform this year.
“Barry’s planning a new album for this year and a Glastonbury performance would coincide with that.”

Dan Wootton, who wrote the piece concludes by saying:

I’m a massive Bee Gees fan and even without his two late brothers I know he’ll do it justice.
This is my favourite Glastonbury legend booking since Dolly.

According to Barry’s management, however, Barry has NOT been booked to perform at Glastonbury this year.  Oh… Kudos to Dan Wootton all the same for having such a good taste!!

(Thanks: Dick Ashby)

{BGD – February 2016}

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