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Robin Gibb (From the "Robin Gibb" songbook published in 1970)

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Team Robin Gibb tweeted the image from pages 14&15 from the 1970 songbook that was simply titled "Robin Gibb."  So it may be quite possible that the "8 classical compositions" referred to in their tweet could be from the same, which contains 8 songs.

The songbook was also referenced when we did the lyrics for the booklet that accompanied the Japanese release of "Saved by the Bell – Collected Works of Robin Gibb 1968-1970."  This 28-page songbook contains the music sheet and lyrics, some partial, to the following eight songs: "One Million Years," "August October," "Most of My Life," "No Other Heart," "Gone Gone Gone," "Engines, Aeroplanes," "Great Caesar’s Ghost," "Worst Girl In This Town"; plus a poem by Robin, "Your Life Was Created For Me," and two full-page b&w photos of Robin.

{September 3, 2015 – BGD}


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