Happy birthday (belated), Vince Melouney!

Young Bee Gees celebrating (?) with Vince Melouney (1967)
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August 18th was Vince Melouney’s birthday!  He was the lead guitarist of the Bee Gees in their golden five-piece days!  (Belated) Happy Birthday to Vince!

Born in 1945, he is a year older than the eldest Gibb brother Barry, and has just turned 73.  And now the news reached us that he has updated his Sect, the band he was with in his Australian days. 

According to the tweet from The Vince Melouney Sect, Vince "will soon be performing The Bee Gees’ sixties material along with a few of his pre-Bee Gees singles and a couple of his favorite nuggets"!

The golden sixties and the five-pieces Bee Gees hold a very special place in the hearts of fans.  They were all so young, talented, and charming as people could only be at certain times in their lives.  Also, for many of the long-time fans, the five-man Bee Gees were how they first knew them. 


Please follow The Vince Melouney Sect on FacebookTwitter , and Instagram for updates.  We will also keep you updated. 

Also, we have received news that plans are under way at Capitol regarding the Bee Gees’ catalog.  Come next year, we will be celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the Sprits Tour. So we may have something to look forward to.

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