Barry Gibb’s message to Japan

Barry Gibb has sent to Bee Gees Days his condolences to people in Japan.

 To the People Of Japan,

Over all of the years you have shown us great kindness and embraced
our music.

It is so devastating to us over here to witness your terrible tragedy
and deep sorrow.

Our family shares this sorrow with you.

There are tears in the sky but time is the greatest healer and the sun
will rise again.

We are with you in prayer and we send our love.

                                                                               –Barry & Family

Again we thank every one for their help and support.  You don’t know what it all means to us. 

Up in the north, those brave people are doing the best they can at the risk of their own lives to contain the nuclear threat.   We know it’s a cliche, but we hope the only way for us to go now is up.  Hope things will soon be better.

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