Robin Gibb’s message to his Japanese fans

At this difficult time, Robin Gibb has sent to Bee Gees Days a message to his Japanese fans: 


I’ve been devastated by the news of the earthquake and ensuing tsunami.   My thoughts and best wishes go to everyone who has suffered in this terrible tragedy.  

To my fans reading this I hope you and your families are safe but to those less fortunate I hope time is a healer although I know it will be some time before that pain will heal.   It is hard to say in a few words what I feel inside.

My love to all our fans and everyone in Japan.                                         –Robin  Gibb

All of us at Bee Gees Days would also like to thank everyone who has written expressing concern and support.  Your kind thoughts and warm wishes help us through these hard times.

We were just launching our English Section as this month marks the 39th anniversary of the Bee Gees first ever Japanese tour March 1972. Much of this section is still under construction, but it was shaping up quite nicely.

All that changed last Friday, March 11th, when the most powerful earthquake in our recorded history hit eastern and northeastern Japan causing tsunami and so much pain.

With numerous afterquakes and potential nuclear meltdown, we are still in emergency and in a state of shock.  We mourn the losses and feel the pain.  Still, this is our smoke signal to the world that we refuse to be defeated.

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