Robin Gibb getting interviewed for Japanese TV show “Song to Soul”

“Melody Fair, won’t you comb your hair?“

Sunday, March 20, 2011, Robin Gibb was interviewed at his home for a Japanese TV show  "Song To Soul" (BS-TBS 23:00-23:54 every Thursday).

It is a quality music documentary program targeted at grownup audience which focuses on a specific song each week and takes an in-depth approach to it.

Their choice this time is "Melody Fair" (and "First of May") in connection with the film "Melody." Both the song and the film enjoyed phenomenal success in Japan in the early 70s. The episode about "Melody Fair" will be aired in mid-April as part of a series featuring romantic songs from UK to be broadcast in April-May at around the time of the Royal Wedding.

The interview with Robin will be the highlight of the show, but the production team are also planning to interview other people associated with the film including its lead actress Tracy Hyde (aka Melody) who was and is everyone’s dream girl in Japan.


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