For Robin Gibb – “In Our Eyes You Will Always Be”

"In our eyes you will always be…"
Robin Gibb in Japan (March 1972)

In our eyes you will always be...

Guess who’ll cry
Come (twenty-)first of May
"First of May" (Bee Gees) 

I lost you such a long long time ago
But in my eyes you will always be
"I Can’t See Nobody" (Bee Gees)

"Nobody knows the pain Robin had to go through when Maurice died. Now they are finally together. So, fly, Rob, fly."
(Barry Gibb, eulogy for Robin Gibb, June 8, 2012)

"There’s only one life. It’s a sin to be against your own feeling."
(Robin Gibb)

Robin Gibb passed on May 20, 2012 U.K. time, and it was in the morning of May 21 over here.  Robin often said he liked to watch the skies and stars, and that he liked to take a walk.  While the annular eclipse adorned our morning sky, Robin left to take a long solitary walk.  His family told me that he went "very, very quietly."  In a recent interview Barry said he is often seeing Robin in his dreams and that he is convinced that they will be together again.  So, we don’t say goodbye…

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