Robin Gibb’s new song “Christmas Day”

While we are still wowing over the wonderful Holiday gifts from Barry, here’s great news from Robin.

His new song Christmas Day, which is a collaboration with his son RJ, is now available for a limited time during the Holiday season on his official website.

There is also a new blog posted by Robin on the official website, where he speaks of "Christmas Day" and of how Isabel Suckling has the right voice for the song.

According to the previous report about the recording of the song, Isabel was still twelve at the time of the recording!  That is quite impressive, isn’t it? Her ethereal voice is exactly right for the choral quality of the song.

Also, according to the official email newsletter, Robin has been busy with RJ finalising the recordings of "Titanic Requiem," and 

it’s now ready for mixing and mastering!
I’m looking forward spending some time off with my family now, and would like to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and Happy 2012.

His mother Barbara Gibb also arrived from the US last weekend to spend Robin’s birthday and the Holiday season with him. 

The details of the "Titanic Requiem" and its release will be made available in the new year on the official website. So we have that to look forward to.

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