Barry Gibb at the Christmas Light Switch On: Archive 1967

Barry in Carnaby Street, November 1967

How time flies when you are having fun.  We only have two weeks left before 2012 is here.

So let’s go back by about 45 years and take a look at our old fashioned Christmas with Barry Gibb at age 21.

The picture shows Barry from a Christmas light switch-on ceremony that took place in Carnaby Street in London in November 1967.

The lights were swtiched on by the actress Faye Dunaway (pictured on the left) who played Bonnie in the 1967 film "Bonnie and Clyde."   She was getting interviewed by DJ Simon Dee on the right, and it seems Barry happened to pop up.  (From New Musical Express, November 25, 1967)

Happy holidays, everyone! 

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