“The Joy of the Bee Gees”- the BBC full HD documentary

"The Joy of the Bee Gees"

The hour-long documentary is now on YouTube. (Isn’t modern technology amazing? Now we don’t have to move to the U.K.  Stop packing!)

Some people seem surprised that Johnny "Rotten" Lydon is a Bee Gees fan.  But he is actually a very big fan of the Bee Gees and even sent Robin get-well wishes when he was fighting illness.  Reportedly, he had a Bee Gees box set sitting beside his CD player at home.  There was once a plan to get Robin and John to do an interview together for "Q" magazine as two formidable forces of the ’70s subculture.  It’s a pity that it has not materialized.  Personally, I’ve always felt that Lydon had a lot in common with the Bee Gees.

The Bee Gees famously inspired David Bowie’s "Space Oddity" with its "ground control to Major Tom" echoing "Have you seen my wife, Mr. Jones?" and Bob Dylan spoke of his love for the Bee Gees.  Their appeal is far-reaching and they are far more influential than some people give them credit for.

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