Happy birthday, Robin & Maurice Gibb!

Happy birthday, Robin & Maurice Gibb
(Photographed here with Big Brother Barry)

I close my eyes
I’m back in Sydney
My brothers are with me

–Robin Gibb "Sydney" (2011)

When I am at the microphone, I can still feel  the breaths of Robin and Maurice.  They are always with me.
— Barry Gibb (2013) 

Today "the Bee Gee twins" Robin and Maurice Gibb would be 65. 

Once a long-time fan from the ’60s said to me: "We have all grown up with Robin and Maurice. When they first found international fame as teenagers, we were also teenagers.  We looked up to the big brother Barry, and we lived and grew up with the twins."

I lost you such a long time ago
But in my eyes

You will always be
— Bee Gees "I Can’t See Nobody" (1967)

Happy birthday, Robin & Maurice Gibb!

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