BS-TBS “Song to Soul” – Reprise of “Melody Fair” episode with Robin Gibb

Bee Gees from their "Odessa" days
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The ‘Melody Fair’ episode on "Song to Soul" (BS-TBS) will be repeated on December 28.  According to the program’s website, the reprise will be at "27:00- 28:00."  So it could mean the early hours of 29th.

That the episode has been  chosen for special year-end reprise could signify its popularity!

Robin was interviewed for the program at home on March 20, 2011.  It was soon after the Great Northeast Japan Earthquake.  So the program includes support messages for Japan from Robin and Tracy "Melody" Hyde who was also interviewed in London.  Robin started feeling very ill soon after the taping of the interview, and the South American Tour that was planned for April was cancelled.  It is most unfortunate that there was to follow further delay of the treatment of the illness that eventually claimed his life.

"Odessa" spells one of the most difficult times in the early Bee Gees’ history, but to Robin it also meant happy memories of his first marriage as he spoke during this "Melody Fair" interview.  When we contacted Robin about the interview, he said it reminded him of the good old times.

Robin referred to the "Melody" film as "S.W.A.L.K. (Sealed with A Loving Kiss)" using its original British title . Although it was a huge box-office hit in Japan in 1971, it hardly made a ripple in the U.K.  Fortunately, it is now getting more recognized there as well.  More about this and the summary of the "Song To Soul" episode later. 

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