Cilla Black passed – Cilla with Bee Gees in Miami (1995)

Bee Gees with Cilla Black in Miami (1995) 

British singer and media personality Cilla Black passed, aged 72, on August 2.  She will be greatly missed.  Being from Liverpool, which is not far from Manchester where the Gibbs spent their childhood, and managed by Brian Epstein, she must have rubbed shoulders with the Bee Gees from the early days of their international fame.

Here they were speaking with Cilla in Middle Ear Studio and exlploring Miami for her show "Cilla’s World" in 1995.  At her request, they did an acapella rendition of ‘To Love Somebody,’ and even launched into a joyous song about lights in Blackpool.  They were going to switch on lights there for BBC1 Radio show in September of that year. (You can view the video from the occasion on YouTube.)

It is extremely sad to think that, of the four people joking and laughing here, only Barry now remains.

{BGD – August 3, 2015)


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