Bay Cees will go live Sunday May 20

Bay Cees (August 2011)
Bay Cees (August 2011)

The Zushi-based tribute band Bay Cees will be doing an outdoor gig this coming Sunday May 20th.

They will be featured at Zuzhi Community Park again this year.  It is an outdoor event that will take place at the Kameoka Hachimangu Shrine adjacent to Zushi Town Hall.  See access map here.

The gig will start at 16:00, May 20.  Their set list last year was memorable for the inclusion of “There Be Love.”  This year they are going to play “Such A Shame”!

The set list this time will include:

1    Melody Fair
2    First of May
3    To Love Somebody
4    Holiday
5    Massachusetts
6    I Started A Joke
7    Let There Be Love
8    I’ve Gotta Get A Message To You
9    World
10  Such a Shame
11   Lonely Days
12   I Have Decided to Join The Airforce

Bay Cees are focused on the early Bee Gees songs.

The members of Bay Cees, Kiyoshi, Hiroshi,. and Atsushi will be supported this time by guest players including Shinya on lead guitar, Mayumi on keyboards, Naoki on bass, and Osamu on percussion.  This ia a free outdoor event.

During one of the Bee Gees’ early ’70s Japan tours, Robin Gibb was curious as to what “these shrines are there for.”  (Reportedly, there is one big shrine near their hotel inTokyo.)  We should have told him that they are for an outdoor tribute concert for the Bee Gees!

Here’s a quote from the Bay Cees:

We are looking forward to working with the guest musicians this time.  Since the three of us that make up the original Bay Cees have been really busy working, etc., it’s very hard to find time to actually practice together.  So this time we will be focusing more on harmonies, leaving the intruments to others.  The grass harmonica in “Such A Shame” will be done by the lead guitar.

With help from these wonderful musicians, we hope our gig will be better and have additional variety as well.  We are playing quite a few songs this time that are “new” to us.  And it meant a lot more work writing the arrangements for keyboards or choruses.  It was hard (but fun) to do all of these for songs like “Such A Shame,” “Let There Be Love,” and “I Have Decided to Join the Airforce” as I (Atsushi) have also had to get myself prepared for the opera appearance (See below).  We hope everyone who see our gig will appreciate what great songwriters the Bee Gees are.

Also, on Saturday, May 19, Atsushi will appear as Sharpless in the outdoor opera  “(Best Scenes from ) Madame Butterfly” starting at 15:40 at the same location.  If you are an classical music fan, you wouldn’t want to miss it!



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