Australia’s “Sunday Night” will air its “Bee Gees Special” October 18th

 "Bee Gees Special" on Australia’s Sunday Night


"They were the Brisbane boys who conquered the world"

"I can’t imagine them not being here." (Barry Gibb)

"Sunday Night," Australia, which aired the memorable Barry Gibb interview with Rahni Sadler back in 2012, will feature its "Bee Gees Special" with homecoming footage of Barry Gibb this Sunday night, October 18th.   

You can watch the trailer here. (Hopefully, the special will be posted on YouTube sometime soon?)

TV Tonight (October 16, 2015) reports:

"How Do You Mend A Broken Heart?"

The legendary Barry Gibb, the last surviving member of the stellar super-trio the Bee Gees takes us on an emotional journey. Sunday Night’s Rahni Sadler accompanies Barry on an intensely personal tour through Redcliffe, the little beachside town north of Brisbane where he and his brothers Robin and Maurice shared an idyllic though sometimes rebellious childhood.  It’s a bittersweet experience. Barry is still wrestling with the loss of his beloved younger twin brothers Maurice and Robin, who were integral to the sound and world-wide success of the Bee Gees. Over five decades the trio sold more than 200 million records. They wrote and recorded 70 chart hits for themselves and other superstars including 19 number ones.  Despite the epic success, Barry admits in this deeply intimate tour of his formative years that the boys were never happier than when they kicking around their sunny Queensland home making mischief and dreaming of making it big in music.  The story continues Sunday Night’s candid relationship with Barry that began back in 2012. Our cameras capture the moment Barry sets foot in his childhood house for the first time since he left Redcliffe all those years ago, and follow him to the local Speedway track where the brothers first performed and to the town jetty where a life and career-defining decision was made all those years ago. And of course it’s a trip with an excellent soundtrack.


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