1971 film “Melody” with the Bee Gees music coming out on Blu-ray in December

Here at the very last! "S.W.A.L.K. (Melody)"
is coming out in Blu-ray on December 22


The Blu-ray version of the 1971 film "S.W.A.L.K. (Melody)" will be coming out in Japan soon (Preorder has already started at this link).

It will come out on December 22.  Is this a gesture to celebrate Robin and Maurice Gibb’s 66th birthday? Well, most likely not.  All the same, it is a good omen and nice coincidence, isn’t it?

Here is an excerpt from the description on Amazon.co.jp (translated by BGD) :

A film loved by the whole nation of Japan!  It never fails to bring us back to those glorious childhood days.
From children to grandchildren…this gem of a film will live on in the minds of those who love it!

This remastered version includes an added overdubs by voice actors.  Available for the first time in Japan on Blu-ray!

* It’s so sweet that it makes you cry…one of the best "first love" films ever!
Upon its first release in Japan in 1971, Tracy Hyde who played the little heroine Melody became Japan’s dream girl.  She reigned at the top of popularity polls of movie magazines for many months and adorned their covers.

Every time it’s broadcast on TV, the film still acquires new fans while continuing to charm old ones.
"Melody" was among the official selection of the third "10:00 A.M. Film Festival" with many requests from the audience.
* Produced by David Puttnam ("Midnight Express," "Duellist," "Chariots of Fire,"  "The Killing Fields," "The Mission")
* "Melody" also marked the scriptwriting debut of Alan Parker ("Fame," "Pink Floyd The Wall," "Birdy," "Angel Heart," "Mississippi Burning," "The Commitments")
* The music by the Bee Gees (of "Saturday Night Fever" fame) and the legendary Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young.  "Melody Fair," "In the Morning," "First of May" and "Teach Your Children" were great hits among the moviegoers back then and are now among the best-loved classics of all time in Japan.
*Bonus clip: Trailer for the first theatrical release in Japan


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