“The Last Bee Gee comes home” (Sunday Night, Channel 7, Australia)

 Barry visiting his childhood home


Here’s the link to "The Last Bee Gee comes home" as broadcast by "Sunday Night" on Channel 7, Australia.  (Many thanks to Barry Gibb’s management who sent us the link.)

The "special" section was shorter than expected, but it was good to see Barry singing along with the program’s Rahni Sadler, who did the milestone interview with Barry back in 2012, and admitting that he is much more philosophical now.

It seems after the initial shock, confusion and even anger, which people go through when they lose their loved ones, Barry is now coming into his acceptance stage.   

As he drives through the sunny Redcliffe streets and recalling the younger days when no one said a word about sorrow, Barry reveals that down there he feels very close to his brothers spiritually and that he hopes to visit Redcliffe more often.  He says, "I can’t believe they are not here with me."  It seems to be a magical place for him.

Obviously, there is more footage shot during this visit in September.  So, hopefully, there will be a longer special maybe at the time of Barry’s planned tour of Australia next year. (Just hoping!)

´╝łThanks: Dick Ashby)

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