Robin Gibb on The One Show (April 11, 2012)

Robin Gibb on The BBC One Show (April 11, 2012)

While Robin still fights his illness, the video of Robin and RJ Gibb talking about Titanic Requiem in The BBC One Show is now available on YouTube.  The show was  broadcast in U.K. on April 11, following the world premiere on April 10, 2012.

The show was taped around March 20, 2012 at Robin’s Oxfordshire mansion.  Robin had just been discharged from hospital, and in another week was going to undergo a difficult surgery with under 10 per cent survival chance.  The taping resulted from Robin’s strong wish to talk about the Titanic project which is so close to his heart.  Still, he appears extremely frail here.  The footage from the recording studio dates back to 2011.

Robin and RJ talk of how they worked like clockwork while they agreed to disagree on this first joint album. 

The world premiere of Titanic Requiem took place on April 10, where Robin was supposed to sing Don’t Cry Alone live, but instead the fact that he was in hospital was announced onstage by RJ.

At about 3:30, the Scottish radio presenter and journalist Nicky Campbell’s interview starts.  Campbell fondly recalls the time he visited with the three Gibb brothers in Miami for BBC radio shows.




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