Belated Happy “First of May” Wishes to Bee Gees fans

Barry & Linda with Barnaby (1969)

The First of May came and went again this year while we all remained concerned for Robin.

Don’t ask me why
The time has passed us by…

So we have decided to publish an old photo from the 60s of Barry and Linda with their dog Barnaby who inspired First of May.

As Barry has mentioned on a number of occasions, the song was written for Barnaby because First of May was his birthday, that is, the day he came to live with Barry.

Some people are doted on dogs while cats do no wrong for others.  But the Gibb brothers seem to belong to the dog people.  When she was in Japan during the One For All tour in 1989, Linda was carrying around in her purse a lovely photo of their Akita dog.  Robin, who is now in hospital, cannot wait to get back to his home and walk in the garden with his two beloved Irish Wolfhounds Ollie and Missy.  We hope the day will come soon!

Happy belated First of May, everyone!

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