Barry Gibb singing a new song at Miami Beach Centennial concert

Barry Gibb singing "Home Truth Song" at Hard Rock Rising Miami Beach (March 26, 2015)


You can see Barry Gibb’s set at Hard Rock Rising Miami Beach concert (March 26, 2015) on YouTube.  Barry comes on at about 3:06:50.  

The set list:

Jive Talkin’
To Love Somebody
Home Truth Song
Lonely Days
How Can You Mend A Broken Heart (w/ Samantha Gibb)
Gotta Get A Message To You
(w/ Stephen Gibb)
How Deep Is Your Love
Night Fever
More Than A Woman
Stayin’ Alive
You Should Be Dancing
Tragedy (encore)

The set opened with a home movie featuring all the three brothers to the tune of "Technicolor Dreams," something all Mythology Tour concert-goers have gotten used to by this time.  What was different was to the pulsating beat of "Jive Talkin’," we heard Barry wishing happy birthday to the city where, according to him, he and his family have lived for over thirty-five years.  He made the audience laugh by mentioning that way back when he could drive down Collins Ave the wrong way at night "because there was no other traffic." 

Casually clad in dark T-shirt and pants, Barry looked at home and relaxed, sometimes greeting a familiar face or two in the audience and mentioning his desire for cold shower and sake.  The highlight of the evening came when Barry and the band launched into what he called "a brand new song." What a delightful surprise!  "Home Truth Song" (*) was a gutsy rocker reminicent of Springsteen and Dylan, which at times sounded deeply personal.  I was reminded yet again that Barry could write in any style.  I also found myself thinking of one of the Down Under interviews from 2012 where he mentioned his interest in mountain music.  (* I could not catch the title at first listen and Dick Ashby filled me in.)

The show ended almost too soon with "You Should Be Dancing" and dramatic "Tragedy," the song which opened the Spirits concerts way back in 1979.  Samantha Gibb sang and danced beautifully as always.  I think she inherited the "poetry-in-motion" quality from her father Maurice who was arguably the best dancer of the three brothers that once started the whole world dancing.  As has been reported, Stephen Gibb looked more convincing than his uncle Robin as a death row inmate as he sang "Gotta Get A Message To You."



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