{March 1972} Bee Gees arriving in and leaving Japan

The "historical" moment of the Bee Gees goint through the Arrival gate at Tokyo International Airport


On March 28, 1972, after a hectic week-long stay in Japan, the Bee Gees left for Kuala Lumpur, next stop of their 1972 Trafalgar tour.

Back then there were no digital cameras or iPhones.  Even cameras with flashlights were mostly out of reach of their then mainly teenage fan base.  So please be warned that most of the photos taken during the tour, in particular, the indoor shots of their late evening arrival in Japan, were rather blurry.

From top to bottom, the photos are:

March 20, 1972 –
The first glimpse the fans caught of the Bee Gees walking through the Arrival gate at Haneda (Tokyo) International Airport
 "  -  Barry accepting flowers at the airport lobby
 "   –  Maurice accepting flowers at the airport lobby

March 28, 1972  – Maurice and Lulu arriving at the airport to fly away to Kuala Lumpur
 "  –  Maurice at the airport
 "  –  Robin signing an autograph at the airport

After almost half a century, the photos are more than a little faded, but not the memories.

Read more about the 1972 tour here.

{Bee Gees Days}



Barry accepting flowers


Maurice with his bouquet of flowers


Lulu and Maurice at the airport flying away


Maurice at the airport on the last day of the ’72 Japan tour


Robin signing an autograph on the last day at the airport



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