Barry Gibb’s incredible response to a fan’s request

She just gotta get a message to Barry Gibb…


Pretty Alexis Perry from the U.S. is 17-years old and has been a big fan of Barry Gibb and Bee Gees as long as she can remember.

The music and career of Bee Gees and Barry Gibb have inspired her to be an actress, and she has long been dreaming of meeting Barry in person.  But because she is working so hard to excel in her chosen field, she has "no time to date"!  With her senior prom approaching, she thought she would ask the man of her dreams to be her escort, and, at the advice of her friends, tweeted her video message to Barry.

Here is the link to her video, in which she addressed Barry and said how she just gotta get a message to him, because she’s got an idea. That is, she wants him to (ah-ah-ah-ah) "go to prom, go to prom" with her.  If he can’t accept the offer, it will be a real tragedy.  But she would, of course, understand, because words are all she has to ask him to take her to the prom.  He doesn’t know what it is like to love somebody the way she loves him, but she started a joke, and it’s something she thinks worthwhile if the video makes him smile.  She is not just jive talkin’ and means what she says, and if he can’t go, the question she will ask is how she can mend a broken heart.  As far as she is concerned, they should be dancing!

Isn’t that cute?  Also, have you noticed how many times she changed her clothes in this short video for great visual effects?  Speaking of being hard-working (and devoted)!

AND Barry did reply.  Here’s Barry’s tweet from his official twitter account yesterday!

Thank you very much for inviting me to be your escort although I don’t believe there isn’t a young man waiting to take you.  I have to apologize for not being able to except (sic) due to all kinds of circumstances but I am very flattered that you would ask.  You have a lovely singing voice and imagination.  I wish you luck in whatever you endeavor to do. My feeling is you will succeed!



Hey, isn’t that cool?

Alexis says that she was so happy that she cried when she saw Barry’s reply.  It was a dream come true for her.  She also loves Japanese culture.  We agree with Barry that she will go a long way.  It’s also good to know that Bee Gees and Barry  are still attracting new generations of fans!

It appears that good taste in music and sense of humour run in the family, as we have discovered this insightful tweet from Alexis’ father.  

{Bee Gees Days}

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