Robin Gibb’s family talking about his solo album on BBC Steve Wright in the Afternoon

In order to discuss the release of Robin Gibb’s solo album slated for September, his family, Dwina and RJ Gibb, prerecorded BBC’s Steve Wright In The Afternoon on Tuesday August 5.

It is going on air in the afternoon of Wednesday, August 6, British time, and will probably remain available at the program’s website for a week. Dwina told us that she also spoke about her first play "Last Confession of the Scallywag," which opened at the Mill at Sonning dinner theater in Oxfordshire on July 31 just as the press release about Robin’s solo album went out. Melissa and RJ Gibb attended the opening on 31st with Dwina.  Spencer Gibb, who was in Europe earlier reportedly shooting a film, has gone back home to Austin, Texas, but Dwina expects him to return in September to see her play which will run at the ecological theater on the Thames until September 27.



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