Urgent: limited supply of good tickets available to purchase for Barry Gibb’s US shows

Barry Gibb’s management let us know that they have a limited number of good seats available to purchase for fans traveling over long distance to see Barry: i.e. international fans traveling from outside the U.S. or fans traveling long-distance within the U.S.  They are center-section tickets for the first three rows.  However, only a limited amount of tickets are available and nothing can be guaranteed at this point.  All we can say is that we will put you on the request list.  The tickets will be around $200 each or more: For example, we are told best-category tickets will be $210 each for Concord and $250 each for Hollywood. 

Those who are interested, please email us at notice@beegeedays.com as soon as possible and let us know which concert you would like to attend and where you are coming from, and we will put you on our request list and get  back to you as soon as possible. 

There may also be sound check opportunities as for U.K. shows. Those who wish to receive invitation to the same, please also contact us at the above address.

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