R.I.P. Ginger Baker

TV show “Cucumber Castle” (1970) starring Bee Gees (Barry and Maurice Gibb) includes a guest appearance of Blind Faith with Ginger Baker on drums

Ginger Baker, legendary drummer of Cream and Blind Faith, passed at age 80.  He will be greatly missed.

Both Cream and Bee Gees were managed by Robert Stigwood in the late 60s and early 70s.  And so we can also see Blind Faith performing in “Cucumber Castle” starring the Bee Gees in their rare duo period.  (The concert footage of Blind Faith starts at around 43:00.)

Bee Gees and Cream with their manager Robert Stigwood
in a Copenhagen hotel (February 1968)

The photo on the right is one of the series of shots reportedly taken in February 1968 and shows the members of Cream and Bee Gees getting together in the lobby of a Copenhagen hotel.  With the twins Robin and Maurice at age 18 and Barry 21, even Stigwood looks quite young here.  Ginger Baker in the top right looks impressive almost like a solitary gunman from an old Western movie.

Jack Bruce passed in 2014.  So of the nine youthful people photographed here, five are no longer with us.

{Bee Gees Days}


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