Bee Gees Tribute & Earthquake Relief Concert in Tokyo: The Sun Will Rise Again Part II

Rojitas with Spicks & Specks
Rojitas with Spicks & Specks

"TRIBUTE TO THE BEE GEES 2011: Relief Concert in Tokyo ‐
ROJITAS with SPICKS & SPECKS" is a tribute-turned-relief project, which started out as the celebration of the Bee Gees’ music by two artists from different countries and very different backgrounds: Rojitas, a Cuban singer-songwriter, and Spicks & Specks, one of Japan’s oldest Bee Gees tribute bands.

The original tribute project started to take shape when Rojitas contacted Spicks & Specks after reading our article about their Tokyo appearance at the end of 2009.

When they met, there was an instant connection. Despite the cultural and linguistical differences, they realized that they could communicate in the universal language: the music of the Bee Gees. A joint tribute plan throve on this newfound international friendship.

Currently based in Toronto, Canada, Rojitas has just completed his new album which includes a twelve-minute "Bee Gees Salsa Mix." He embarked on his Japanese tour in January. On January 14, 2011, he shared the stage with Spicks and Specks for the first time. You can read about it in the official blog (in Japanese) of Nobuya Takahashi, one of the Spicks & Specks (scroll down until you get to the January 17th posting). 

February 6, 2011, they did a presentation/introduction gig in front of a small audience. They played 9 songs in all. Rojitas and Spicks & Specks sang "Come On Over," "In The Morning," "Massachusetts," "Don’t Forget To Remember," and "Tragedy." Then Murakami, one of the original members of the Bees, the very first Bee Gees cover band in Japan that was formed in 1972, joined them onstage and they played impromptu versions of "New York Mining Disaster 1941," "Words," "How Can You Mend A Broken Heart," and "To Love Somebody."  By this time the adrenaline was flowing, and the artists looked ready to go on and on.

You can see part of this gig at Spicks & Specks Official YouTube Channel. And here is part of " To Love Somebody."

There was also Q & A where the artists talked about the Bee Gees and their music. We will be doing a separate article about it soon.

Just as they were going to rehearse for the tribute concert, however, the tragedy hit on March 11th. The biggest earthquake in its history left Japan shocked and paralyzed. The coastal city where Spicks & Specks are based was partly destroyed by the tsunami.

Still, just as Barry stated in his message for Japan, we all believe that "the sun will rise again." And the artists are going ahead with their original concert plan, with a view now to donating to help restore the afflicted areas and bringing joy and strength to the people of Japan by playing the music of the Bee Gees that has helped them (and us!) through the hardest times. So we hope we’ll see you all down at the venue!

Here’s the details about the concert:

Date and Time: July 17, 2011 18:00 –  (The doors open at 17:00.)

Place: Duo Music Exchange at O-East, Shibuya, Tokyo  (Capacity: 250)

Tickets: 5,500 yen (presale): 6,000 yen (on the day): plus one drink (500 yen)

Tickets can be ordered by writing to the person in charge at Aquario Productions:

Please put "Tribute concert" in the subject line.

The video messages of Barry and Robin will be screened during the concert. Also, various Bee Gees memorabilia donated by fans and supporters including signed goods will be sold at the venue with all the proceeds going to the relief.


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