Robin Gibb: Personal memories

Robin Gibb in Japan (October 29, 1974)
Robin Gibb in Japan (October 29, 1974)

So many memories.  They are so beautiful that they hurt.  Once during a phone conversation you suddenly said, "By the way, I picked up this phone in the bathroom. So It’s going to be a bit noisy. Sorry."  And you flushed the water!  You had such a weird sense of humour that you could always make me laugh even when I was being mad at you.

You relished silence, but once you started talking, you just went on and on…about history, the books you were reading, and the cities you had visited.  When you were in Tokyo in 2005, you said you had just finished reading the biography of Mozart.  The shelves of your town house in London were full of old Dickens books, and you declared your love of English culture.  You talked on and on about history with your face beaming with the boyish pride of your own knowledge.

A disciplined follower of routine who never changed your ways, there was a gloriously innocent child inside you.   And you were always honest to the point of being tactless at times.  So it must have been difficult for you to cope with this life as there are such things as dishonest people in this world.  Still, you embraced life and you enjoyed living and you often told me how you believed there is only one life.

Just like you said about Maurice, maybe you are just away on a long trip and we will see you soon again?  I say, you owe me money!  Remember?  You didn’t have enough change and I lent you some.  So please come and give that back to me.  Very soon, too.  Okay?

{Bee Gees Days}

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